Death passage is a sacred birth celebrated by Spirit.

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Listener comment:
I just wanted to say bravo!  So many topics were brought to the surface, and the seeds of "Ever-Becoming" were planted deep into the hearts and souls of many.  BJ, Maine, USA


the book

S  O  N  G    O  F    S  I  G  H  T
offers an intimate look at the process of death passage through the eyes of a Soul Passage Midwife, a gift to which the author awakened spontaneously when her mother crossed in 1993.  Looking at death passage from the soul perspective reveals that each soul crossing is a sacred birth into a new life.

For those interested in being present with dying in this way, practicing change of perception through creative process, meditation, accessible interfaith wisdom and angelic assistance opens the door to multidimensional awareness.  Once fluent with the clarity of energy required, Soul Passage Midwives are able to assist loved ones and others to move gracefully through the portal way to the Great Beyond.

Reader comment:
I am gasping at the beauty of this book.  It took my breath away.  I was completely entranced.  Judy, Montreal, Canada

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     Article:  Soul Passage Midwifery
     Patricia L'Dara
     Natural Transitions Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 4
     Life After Death
     March 2013


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